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CrossFit vs P90x

Posted by on April 1, 2011

I have been doing P90x. Its intense and despite my best effort I have yet to complete a full week of workouts. After talking to a friend who is doing CrossFit, I got curious about which was trendier (I knew p90x had been around a few years). I immediately went to Google Trends to check things out. This is what I got:

You can see that indeed P90x is a bit dated. What was more interesting was how cyclical P90x is and how steady CrossFit is. It seems as if people get worked up about P90x for two 90 day cycles after a New Year’s Resolution and then interest dies out. So why the cyclical growth with Crossfit?  After a little bit of research I learned that most people consider P90x to be non-sustainable. It is just too intense for most people to continue indefinitely.

Anybody have any other explanations for the differences between these two trends?

2 Responses to CrossFit vs P90x

  1. Blaj

    Interesting how the news volume for crossfit has spiked recently. I think it definitely has more future than P90x.

  2. Blaj
    Awesome article comparing the two. It is written by the guy who formulated the P90x recovery drink.

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