About Us



We base our business on a simple motto - quality products delivered to support your outstanding lifestyle.

We are focused on delivering high quality and unique products to you, our valued customer, at affordable prices.  We believe that by working hard to keep our prices affordable, it allows customers to have a selection of lifestyle pieces on hand, rather than only being able to afford one piece.

For instance, having your military style sports watch for working out, a stylish stainless steel business watch for working hours, and then a classic leather band time piece for dates and dinners.


No need to limit yourself - The Pinch Point allows you to cater for all your looks, styles and activities.


We are constantly updating our product offerings with new pieces to support your excellent lifestyle.  Check back here often, bookmark our page, or sign up to the newsletter on the home page so you don't miss any new additions, sales or promotions in future.




We place the utmost importance on two primary values:

  • Sourcing quality and unique products, at affordable pricing, and;
  • Our amazing customer relationships.

Customer service for us is the bench mark of our success, therefore we work 24/7 to ensure your satisfaction.  We offer direct support lines of communication so that we can chat 1-on-1 to ensure your happiness with your product delivery.  You can review our shipping policy, track your order status, or contact us directly using the links at the top of this page.