Viking Path Maker Mold

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Looking to turn your garden more picturesque?

Well, you can give it a lively and beautiful makeover

All by yourself with the help of this Path Maker Mold!



This Viking Path Maker Mold is designed for the garden-lovers who want to create their own design decoration to make their gardens more beautiful. It comes with irregular holes which can be filled with cement to form elegant irregular bricks effect that will make an elegant pathway for your garden.

-Designed for easy use. All you need to do is fill mold with concrete, smooth surface, and remove mold and you're done.

-It is reuseable and the heavy-duty plastic ensures durability and prevents the pathmaker from bending or deforming

-9-stone pattern to suit any patio, walkway or driveway



Grab one and get going; give your pavement and yards some artistic sense!





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  1. Mix cement with water, according to package directions. When ready to use, the concrete will be the consistency of oatmeal and thick enough to hold an edge when you slice into it with a shovel.
  2. Fill the paver mold, scooping the concrete in with a shovel and making sure to fill each area.
  3. Using rubber gloves, spread the concrete around the mold, filling in any gaps or low points. Tap the mold with your hand to eliminate any air bubbles.
  4. Following the contours of the mold, smooth out the concrete, wiping away any excess.
  5. Allow the concrete to set for a maximum of five minutes, then carefully remove the mold. For the next stretch, rotate the mold a quarter-turn and place it beside the paver just completed, angling slightly if you're creating a curving pathway.
  6. After letting the concrete cure overnight, fill the cracks with dirt and wash away any excess. Wet the ground around the newly formed pavers to help them settle




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Item Type: Pathmaker Mold

Material: Plastic

Size: 36 cm x 36 cm

Weight: 480 g

Feature: Easy-to-use, Durable

Note: Please allow 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement.




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